The RJC Code of practices policy defines the G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds standards on business ethics, human rights, social performance and environmental performance against which G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds are to be certified. A key feature of RJC certification is the requirement for independent third party auditing of G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds  management systems and performance. The RJC certification system also establishes mechanisms for early identification of issues, corrective action, and enforcement methodology.
The G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds Code of practices covers a wide range of sustainable development issues, and is applicable throughout the supply chain, from rough diamonds to jewellery retail to the final consumer.
As Members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds seeks economic, social and environmental benefits from its business activities so that the company contribute to sustainable development following the guidelines:

•    we are committed to conducting our businesses to a high ethical standard, and to ensuring integrity, transparency and conformance with applicable law.
•    we will not engage in bribery and/or corruption.
•    we will not tolerate Money laundering and/or financing of terrorism.
•    we will adhere to the Kimberley process Certification system and the world Diamond Council voluntary system of warranties.
•    we will take reasonable measures to ensure the physical integrity and security of product shipments.
•    we will respect the fundamental human rights and the dignity of the individual, according to the United nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
•    we are committed to high standards of health and safety in our operations.
•    we will adhere to working hours and remuneration legislation,
•    we will conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

Maimon Sasportas  - CEO